Horrible Friday


Friday 3rd July

My blood was taken first thing, before 6am and that was it. Nothing else was to be done. Do I really need to be in here. It all seems so crazy. No chance of home though. White blood cells still too low for that. Yet another weekend to be spent in hospital. Am I going out of my mind? Quite simply yes.

The only thing that’s changed today is that I now have an annoying cough which gets worse when I try to talk.

Was due to go to a friend’s wedding today. Obviously that wasn’t happening. Just something else for me to feel down about. 

Watched some of Wimbledon on the TV. And that was about it for today. A very boring and horrible Friday.

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  1. Hi Val. I have pbc n AIH too. I got diagnosed 5years ago.sorry your i hospital. Thanks for being a friendly face who understands what its like to be young witth a non alcoholic liv disease. Its taken me 5 years to accept diagnosis. Just started looking online for others ou there who understand. Im a nurse working in theatre part time. I have2kids Tom nearly 15 and Amy nearly 12. Praying for you n hopw your infection clears soon and you get home soon. Praying for your family too x

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    • Hello Heather. I am glad you are enjoying my blog. Living with PBC can be very hard at times. If you ever want to ask me anything, I would be more than happy to help where I can. Hope you are doing well at the minute. Take care.


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