Leaving me behind


Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th July

The doctors did their rounds and I asked my questions like I always do. I normally write them on my phone or I forget when eight of them are all stood around the bottom of the bed looking at me! My main worry today was that my cough and the fluid round my lungs might turn into pneumonia, as that is an extremely unpleasant thing to have. The main doctor told me not to worry, that wasn’t going to happen. I was doing well, looked well, but the white blood cells just still needed to go up some more before it was safe for me to leave. Maybe Monday? :/ I was now allowed out of my room though. Woohoo!

Leah and Jack came to visit. We had quite a fun afternoon. I decided that when they left I would walk down with them. So we had a bit of a walk outside as it was a lovely sunny evening and Leah took a couple of pics for her Facebook page.

Off Leah and Jack went to find their car, leaving me behind. You don’t know how difficult that was for me to walk back through those doors and get the lift to the 7th floor. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

I had a very restless night, woke up many times to find myself literally wet with sweat. Yuck! Temperature was over 100.

Oh no. Because I kept getting these temperatures the weekend doctor decided he wanted to start me on some antibiotics and that I also needed some blood because my red blood cells had now gone low! 

Sunday. Already had unsettled tummy but the IV antibiotics still started again :/

Leah had picked a roast for my dinner but when it arrived it did not look very appetising. There was no way I was going to eat it. As Julie and Hannah were here they brought me some vegetable pasta bake from the restaurant. Much nicer. Thanks 😀. Julie had also made me a lemon drizzle cake. Very yummy. Gary visited. Because it was nice yet again we all went for a walk outside the hospital. It was lovely to feel the warm sun on me. We just got back to the ward in time because then the thunder and lightning ⚡️started. A very quick change in the weather. 

Kept these two amused anyway.

Robyn and Tom visited later after their shopping trip to Birmingham! 

Then off they all go, leaving me behind again 😦

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