Blood transfusions


Monday 6th July

As I had temperatures during yesterday they couldn’t give me my blood transfusion until they had gone down. So sure enough at 12.15am (their favourite time of day to do things!) they started my first unit of blood. They told me they would be coming every half an hour to check my observations. Great! And that is what happened. Until 4.00am when it finished. Then they were back before 6.00am to take them again. The nurse had only just left when a doctor arrived to take my blood. Rather a sleepless night! Very tired 😴

Then they gave me my next lot of IV antibiotics, then my next unit of blood. (This time they checked my obs just twice during the whole time! I don’t understand. Do they look for extra work to do during the night or what? Good for them, but the poor poor disturbed patients 😨)

Obviously I was not going to be going home today (it was suggested I might last week but things had changed). I was getting so fed up of everything and being attached to this drip and hardly being able to move all morning was not making me in a good mood. Robyn visited and told me off for being so grumpy!

She always comes very prepared when she visits, and she had made her lunch and tea to bring with her and brought herself some jobs/paperwork from home so she didn’t waste any of her precious time. I asked her why she was so organised, ‘this is the way you are supposed to live’ she told me! Role reversal going on I think :/

She does spoil me though so I’m not going to complain. She gives me lovely little massages (which I don’t know if I’ve said before, but I think something like this should be offered to patients regularly, as when you are just laid or sat on the bed a lot, and left on your own a lot too, it feels absolutely great. Good for both physical and mental wellbeing). Today she was also messing around with my hair making me feel very sleepy.

We also went down to the main entrance for a quick walk about and to the restaurant and bought a cup of tea (which I didn’t like of course!)

The diarrhoea had started again today. Of course I think as a result of the IV antibiotics being started again yesterday. This was going to be another setback as I just can’t get myself to eat or drink very much when I have this problem.

Add this to hardly any sleep and my state of mind and my blood results were going to go all over the place again. Nooooo 😦

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