Drip stands


Tuesday 7th July

The doctor came to take my blood at 4.00 this morning! and blew the vein in the back of my hand. So painful. Then she still had to find somewhere else to go so they actually had some blood to test. The vein got more swollen and painful as the day went on.

The doctors were short staffed today apparently but eventually one did come round much later than usual. My blood results were all getting very slowly better but my kidney blood results were not very good today. Probably as a result of the diarrhoea. I told you they would go all over the place. So I was going to have two bags of fluid today. Great. More time attached to that drip stand.

The doctor also told me that they were going to try giving me my antibiotics orally now, the next stage in trying to get me home. If my temperature was to go back up, I would have to go back on to IV antibiotics and they would have to do more investigating. So they were to be checking me regularly. Fingers crossed.

A friend that has been back in the Queen Elizabeth for a while had taken a turn for the worse and was back in critical care. She is currently waiting for her fourth liver transplant. A lot of my thoughts have been with her and her family today at this awful time. Keep strong Kate. I keep telling myself how incredibly lucky I am.

The nurse didn’t give me my anti rejection medication this evening. When I questioned this she said it had been stopped. This worried me a bit as no-one had told me. This meant I was not taking any at all as my aziathioprine had been stopped for a while. I asked her if I should just take it myself then. She didn’t advise me to but she had no idea why they had been stopped. She said I can look in your notes, see if anything has been written there. All it said was that the doctor had suspended it. So I just needed to wait until the doctors came round in the morning and query it with them :/

As usual, late in the evening, they decided it was time for me to have another bag of fluid. The nurse tried and couldn’t get it to work. She got another nurse to come and have a go, she couldn’t get it to work. I think eventually at 2.00am, after a few of them had a try, they decided that the drip stand/machine was actually broken and they needed to find another one. Once sorted I was finally left alone.

Today was a day of no visitors. A very long, quiet day. Not good for the state of mind.

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