Waiting …


Wednesday 8th July

The doctor appeared. I was feeling very anxious waiting for his visit this morning. I was at the end of my tether. I so wanted to be discharged. And I really wanted to go to Cornbury music festival this coming weekend. He was really keeping me on my toes though because he told me he was 90% sure I would be able to go home later but he was waiting for some blood results which probably wouldn’t be back until about 5 o’clock. Why are they doing this to me? 😦 I feel fine.

He also explained to me why they had stopped my anti rejection medication last night and this morning. My tacrolimus levels were too high so they had suspended it for 24 hours. I was to start taking it again tonight, but now at a lower level of 4mg morning and night.

Off he went, leaving me to stew for the rest of the day, would I be going home or not?

No, thankfully this wasn’t someone that had turned up to do a last minute procedure on me. This is a picture my lovely daughter Leah sent to me while she was at work. She is training to be a dental nurse!!

The doctor appeared again at around 4 o’clock. Bad news I thought. But NO! He said I could go. I could have kissed him! I had to come back next Wednesday morning though, so that my bloods could be re-checked. I would have agreed to anything as long as it meant I could leave. I think if he had told me no, I would probably have had a breakdown. I know it sounds really silly, but I actually could not have coped with being in there any longer. I was mentally drained.

Gary came, either for a visit or to take me home. Luckily the last option. But discharge from hospital is never a quick process. You have to wait for the paperwork to be sorted but it’s waiting for the medication to come up from pharmacy that takes the longest. I also needed the cannula to be removed from my arm. We waited and waited and waited. This was so unbearable. I even offered to go and collect the tablets myself. But no, the pharmacy where they are coming from is not open to the public! I even would have gone without them because I have more tablets back at home, but I didn’t have the antibiotics that I still needed to take. Flip, no choice but to wait. The longer I’m stuck in here though, the more chance of them coming to find me and say they had changed their mind.

At almost 8.30pm (a wait of over 3 hours) my tablets at last appeared and off I could go. The nurse that had looked after me for the last 3 nights actually apologised to me, and said she had never woken someone up through the night so much before. See, I wasn’t making it up.

Hospitals are certainly not a place to go if you need to rest. You get woken up so many times and have a very early start to the day with blood and obs being taken. Then it’s breakfast, cleaning, doctors rounds. Medication throughout the day if you need it, drips being set up etc. Lunch and supper. More cleaning. Drugs round again. Finally bedtime. All completely necessary but makes up a very busy ‘hospital day’.

Everyone had been very nice but these 2 weeks had all been so unbearable and such a test for me to get through. I did it, but this was what I came out feeling like πŸ˜–

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