Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th July

I get to go to Cornbury!!

Gary helps organise the Riverside festival in Charlbury. They also run a stage at Cornbury festival. As a result of this I get to go along. Lucky me.

Thursday morning we went over to help with the setting up. Obviously this year I was not really able to do much to help, especially as I had only left hospital at 8.30pm the night before and was tired and weak. I really didn’t want to be at home alone in four walls for another day though, so I decided to go along, even though I felt very guilty that I did almost nothing 😦 just a bit of decorating on the stage with some old cd’s (sounds weird but very effective) and a bit of artwork!

Friday the festival opened. It was a lovely warm sunny day. There were various bands playing over the three different stages. And lots of trader stalls selling various typical festival things. And lots of different food stalls.

Just spent the day wandering around, catching some music on the other stages, sitting backstage relaxing and listening to the music on the Riverside stage, even did a bit of blogging! We also went to pitch our tent as this was going to be home for the next three nights.

Went to watch Chas&Dave. Showing my age knowing who they are!

Couldn’t get to sleep for a while that first night. Could hear the music coming from the campsite bar, which stays open all night almost, people talking when their walking past and other strange noises. But I must have eventually dropped off. When we woke it was so hot in the tent I could hardly breathe, there was no air in there. Open the zips quick! We were in for another hot day.

We drove the few miles home so we could have a shower and get a change of clothes, but had to be back within the hour ready for the bands to start. Gary has to be available to help the bands get their stuff on and off the stage, and whatever other jobs need doing. What a rush though, I can never find anything to wear in such a short time :/

It was much much busier today, obviously being Saturday. My friend Sally and some of her family were coming today as Tom Jones was headlining tonight and they wanted to see him. We managed to meet up with them a couple of times (not easy in the crowds of people). Sally had not wanted to text me in case I was still stuck in hospital and she would have then felt awful that I couldn’t be there. So she was pleased to see me!

Tom Jones was reasonably good but I did think I would recognise a few more of his songs and that they would have been a bit more upbeat.

Straight to sleep tonight I think. Must have been tired 💤

Back home for a quick turnaround again but this morning before we left Chris (who also helps with Riverside and backstage) made a bacon, egg and grilled cherry tomatoes roll. A Sunday morning cooked breakfast. It was absolutely delicious, just what I needed! But this meant I had even less time in the shower at home 😦

Tom’s band Dance a la Plage were playing this afternoon (Tom on the drums). Note the hanging cd’s I mentioned earlier!

So Robyn was coming over with her friend Rochele and also Leah and Jack decided to come over too, so that was all very nice.

We sat backstage, wandered around and went to watch Seal. He was good, I enjoyed him. Think I’ve still got his album!

The last band of the festival were The Felice Brothers, so we went along to watch. A violin, drums, accordion and two guitars. Not normally the kind of thing I would listen to but they were actually really good. I enjoyed them.

I’ve left quite a bit out I’m sure from this whole long weekend. I saw a few old friends that I went to school with, did quite a bit more wandering, people watching, listening to various bands and other things that were going on etc, than I have mentioned. But this post would never end otherwise. I had a good time and I think I coped with it all pretty well considering that I had been shut away in hospital going insane for the last two weeks. I was tired and my body ached but it had been a nice treat for me.


PS I’ve put some more photos of Cornbury on my Photos’ page for you to have a look at.

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