Another planet


Monday 13th to Thursday 16th July

So Cornbury had ended and we had spent our last night in the tent. And it was raining ☔️ Just what we needed to pack up the tent and help to clear everything away on the Riverside stage. This time I managed to help with some litter picking, tidying the ‘office’ which is basically a shed on wheels that they use for storing food, drink, anything really, so it was ready for towing again. And putting away this time, all those hanging cd’s! Ben, another man that was helping, who has had two kidney transplants believe it or not! went down to the production office and came back with some pieces of toast for us. Everything seemed to be cleared away by not long after lunchtime, very quick I thought.

I went home and I don’t think I moved very far for the rest of the day. I went into a bit of a dream world! I was tired so I’m just going to blame it on that. I had a very good night’s sleep 💤💤💤 that seemed to go on for ages!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were nothing days really. I had no incentive to get up and go. I was walking around like a bit of a zombie and felt like I was on another planet! :/ Maybe my awful two week hospital stay and then Cornbury were having an effect on me.

Tuesday I had to ring the Queen Elizabeth and try and sort out my appointments I had there. I was due to go back tomorrow to have my blood taken but I just couldn’t get there. No one could have any more time off to take me as I was also due to go Friday to a critical care follow up appointment and the following Monday for my normal clinic appointment. After leaving two messages with different people on Monday which no one replied to, I rang again and she assured me she would get someone to call me back. It did happen! The secretary decided she just needed to check with the doctor but she didn’t think it would matter if I didn’t go tomorrow, just waiting for Monday’s appointment should be fine. So she rang me back and this was confirmed. One thing sorted. I then made myself clean the bathroom. I don’t know if this was a good decision to get me moving or a bad decision because my body had had enough. Anyway throughout the day it got done.

Wednesday I was planning on doing quite a bit of washing. I put one lot on to discover that all my washing powder had gone. How annoying! See, I made an effort to plan things and today even that didn’t work :/ I then had to ring to cancel another appointment. I was due to see Dr Ellis, my original consultant, in Banbury tomorrow, but I couldn’t get there either. And I didn’t think it was crucial to see him as I’m still seeing the Birmingham doctors. So after waiting for literally half an hour on the phone and gradually moving up in the queue, I got to speak to someone. I have to go back there in August sometime now instead.

Thursday I didn’t do much at all. I’ve got to get myself out of this frame of mind. It’s not really me and I don’t like it.

Leah was excited to be having a new phone delivered this evening. She has been having problems with her phone for absolutely months. She rang them and this time they told her it was an actual fault on her phone and they would deliver a brand new one to her, between 6pm and 10pm. So mine, Leah, Jack and Robyn’s evening revolved around this really. We chatted about silly and horrible things while we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Robyn kept asking Leah ‘as soon as it gets to 10 o’clock are you going to go straight to bed or give them a few extra minutes?!!’ It got to 10.15pm and Lead decided enough was enough and she went to bed! Not many minutes after there was a knock at the door and Jack was shouting ‘Leah, LEAH!!!’ She got her phone 📱at last. Thank goodness for that. What a fun night that had been!

We could all now go to bed and sleep peacefully.

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