Spring cleaning


Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th July

Not a very happy week. My mood wasn’t great and not a lot going on. 

Had to clear a bit of stuff away ready for two new windows to be fitted, this was done, then spent time putting the stuff back, did a bit of spring cleaning, pulling out the sofas and cleaning behind them, dusting skirting boards, getting rid of the dust the window fitters made. Probably not good for me but I just couldn’t sit about.

Also just did normal everyday jobs, washing and pottering about to kill some time.

On Thursday I did see a good programme on the TV though. A man had a heart transplant when he was a teenager. All he knew was that his donated heart came from a 14 year old boy who was killed when he was out on his bike, he sustained a head injury. The man decided that he wanted to try and find his donor family. He went to his local library and looked back at old newspapers. He eventually found the report on the bike accident and so found out the name of the family. From this he arranged to meet with the boy’s mum. She showed the man old photos of her son. What I found quite amazing was that the boy on the bike had been to his friends house to do some homework when he got killed, and the boy (who needed the new heart) had also been at his friends house doing homework, and when he was walking home his mum was coming to get him to say the hospital had just called telling her a heart was available! 

Before they parted she listened to the man’s chest to hear her son’s heart still beating. Obviously this was a very emotional meeting but she said afterwards that it did help her. Even though her son was just a teenager at the time, he had carried a donor card and so it made it much easier for her to carry out her son’s wishes.

During the week I also went along to my sister’s house for a visit and a cup of tea. I had two visits to Cafe Nero, one to meet a friend and the second to meet my other sister. They were all quite fun but I was glad the week was over.

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