Bad day


Thursday 13th August

I had an appointment to see Dr Ellis this morning at Chipping Norton hospital. He’s my original consultant, I’ve known him for a long time. He was the guilty party when I was in the Horton hospital in July having just about every test you could think of! Think he just wanted a catch up from that really as I’m still under the doctors in Birmingham at the minute. I guess I will get fully transferred back to him after a while. He asked what had happened once I got transferred to Birmingham and said he was glad they took it all as seriously as he had. 

Then we had a chat. He knows the doctor I saw two clinic visits ago, Professor Neuberger. He trained with him at Kings College hospital in London. He said he had a lot of respect for him and I said I did too, that you could tell he knew what he was talking about. After seeing so many different doctors over the years, you know which ones know their job well and which ones don’t come across very well. So of course he then wanted to know what I thought about him! 

When the nurse took my blood pressure it was a bit higher than normal for me. I have always had quite a low blood pressure. When I had it taken at clinic in Birmingham on Monday it was high too. Dr Ellis said it could be the Prograf (my anti rejection medication) causing it so he wanted to check the tacrolimus levels in my blood. But they had already taken my blood in clinic on Monday too so I’m guessing he is just waiting for the results of those to come through is he? Or I’m supposed to be doing something about this myself or I’m just waiting until when I go back to Birmingham in a few weeks? But the Birmingham doctor didn’t seem too worried about it!

The nurse was Rose. She lives in a village near to me. Her partner had a liver transplant too, in March this year. He went to Kings in London for his. He has had a few problems since. Rose told me that she wants to do something at the local hospital to promote organ donation and maybe I would help? Great idea.

I got the bus back into town and decided I would treat myself to a coffee and a seeded muffin as I hadn’t had any breakfast, so I sat in Cafe Nero for a while. It was nice to be away from my spring cleaning! I thought I would also have a bit of a wander round the shops before I went back home. But of course my tummy had other ideas. I thought I had better just go home. I wasn’t happy, I still couldn’t do what I wanted to do.

When I got home I got a bit upset. I think it was the high blood pressure, the upset tummy and the fact that I was back inside on my own earlier than I wanted. I also had noticed a bit of a pain in my side which was uncomfortable. All this reminded me that I was still not 100% yet. I was very fed up. I just sat and half watched silly daytime tv. Then after a while I decided I needed to pull myself together and do something to take my mind off things. A few more odd jobs got done.

I decided to make myself an omelette. Cheese, ham and tomato. The problem was when I tried to tip it out of the pan it fell in pieces onto my plate. I had to laugh to myself. It looked a bit of a mess but it tasted rather nice!

I then went out for a walk with some friends. When I’ve been before we just went around the town but this time we went across the fields. I used to take my dog Jake 🐶 but he’s got too old now and he can’t do it anymore 😦  It was lovely to go back but the problem was I had gone out in shorts, the corn was high and was scratching my legs and I had to dodge the stinging nettles and thistles. The others in front were also pointing them out and treading them down for me!! After an hour of trudging round the fields I was worn out. My feet were aching. I could tell I had done enough, especially after my emotional morning and jobs all afternoon as well.

I went to Gary’s in the evening and then got in trouble with him :/

Was glad when today was over 😦  What a day 😠

Oh by the way, I have added a new ‘quote’ to the sidebar and some new pictures, this time of Cornwall, to my Photos page.

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