The snug


Friday 6th to Sunday 8th November

A man from the HR department was waiting to see me when I got into work. We went through what hours had been agreed for me to work and he said that it would be a bit flexible as long as I was showing signs of being able to increase my hours and that it fitted in with Adam (my boss).  If I get to a stage where I feel like I cant increase any more then I would have to probably reduce my contracted hours. He said to make sure that I tell Adam if I am struggling at any time or don’t feel well. This is the bit I’m not very good at though, I tend to just get on with things and then suffer after. This is one of the reasons why my GP was a bit apprehensive about me returning to work, because he knows what I’m like.

I then went straight onto the tills this morning. It was busy too but I always used to like it that way. 

I was very very tired when I got home. I sat on the sofa yawning my head off.

When I woke up Saturday morning I wasn’t very well. I had a terrible headache and just didn’t feel well at all. (As a result of having a busy shift back at work? Really don’t know :/ )

Gary had arranged for us to have lunch with his daughter Emma in a nearby garden centre where her boyfriend Jamie works as the chef. So I made the effort and went along. Gary and Emma had the chicken pie that Jamie had made and I ordered a jacket potato with cheese and beans (which eventually arrived after the others had almost finished eating as the girl had lost my ticket!) I managed to eat some of it. We had a bit of a walk around afterwards but I found it really hard work, I just wanted to go home really 😦

Which we eventually did. Emma needed to get back to get ready to go out later. So then we decided to pop in to Banbury. I didn’t really feel like going but I was trying to take my mind off of how I felt and I also needed to get some new trousers for work as the ones I had been wearing were awful! 

I didn’t find out until too late that Robyn and Leah were going to a local fireworks display before going out later. If I had known I probably would have made another effort to go there with them, as I normally do. Unusually I haven’t been to watch any fireworks this year 😦

I just sat at Garys and watched tv in the evening. I hadn’t picked my iPad up all day and had hardly been on my phone. Now that shows you just how ill I was feeling!!

I felt a bit better on Sunday. My headache seemed to have got a bit better too. Thank goodness. I wouldn’t have been too happy if my whole weekend had been ruined. One day was bad enough :/

I was even able to eat a very delicious breakfast baguette. Bacon, scrambled egg, sausage, mushrooms. Hard to eat, but I think one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! Thank you 😋

At teatime me and Gary went down to the Blue Boar to watch a band we like, Palmerstone. They were really good. Then we called in to another pub on our way home that we used to go in quite regularly. It has been closed for a while, been completely renovated, and recently reopened. What a difference. It’s been really opened out and is now really quite posh! They have a lovely room now which they are calling the snug, with leather chairs and sofas with like animal hide seats. It’s a perfect place and I can’t wait to go back there, get myself comfy with a nice mug of coffee and blog 🙂

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