Peaceful garden


Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th March

It was going to be another reasonably warm sunny day. 

After Robyn had got back from her Monday morning gym and yoga sessions we set off to catch the Park & Ride bus to Oxford. I needed to take my id into a lady in the John Radcliffe hospital for my volunteering checks which are all going through at the minute, so as we were both off we had decided today was a good day.

We took our little picnic snacks with us hoping we would be able to find somewhere nice to eat. And look how lucky we were.


A beautiful little garden within the hospital itself. I never knew this existed there. It was so lovely. We found a bench in the sun and sat there for quite a while, Robyn doing her writing while I was watching the ducks, taking photographs and watching the occasional person walking through the garden. At one point there was a lady that was quite clearly in labour, walking about with her partner. I found this garden quite calming, and I did think to myself what a complete contrast it was compared to all the things that would be happening in the buildings around it. All the hustle and bustle of the general hospital wards, baby’s crying as they’ve literally just been born and the awful beeps of the machines helping to keep some people alive in critical care. Such different worlds 🤔          A strange world. So many people’s lives would be changing forever in many different ways inside the John Radcliffe that day and I was lucky enough to just be sat outside in the warm sunshine in that peaceful garden.

Back inside the hospital we went to find the correct office so that my paperwork could be sorted out and then we caught the bus back. An unusual day trip out, but quite a nice one!

Tuesday and Wednesday were just spent at work and then at home. On Wednesday I really didn’t feel too well, I felt sick and not like I should have been at work at all but I stuck it out. I was very glad when my shift came to an end that day though.

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