Another Barney


Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th March

This morning I read about Cavity Sam who was going to be making an appearance at Meadowhall Shopping Centre today.


Doesn’t that look fun? Our family used to have the game of Operation and I used to love playing it when I was a child. I wish I was a bit closer to that shopping centre today, I definitely would have gone along to have a go.
When you read this Operation Donation you will see it says that they are touring around other shopping centres too to help raise awareness of organ donation. So keep a lookout in case they are coming to a shopping centre close to you, I know I will be 😉

It was a lovely sunny afternoon so when Robyn finished work we went out for a walk. We went down to The Common which is where our local play area is, then through to Pool Meadow, where there’s a lovely little stream, then we walked round the back of the church and across the fields, came out along the Over Norton Road and back through the town. On our way back we saw this little dog which seemed to be taking itself for a walk, so I knocked on a few doors asking if it belonged to anyone, but didn’t have any luck. Just as we were wondering what to do as we needed to go home, along came a lady calling for her dog! He was called Barney and apparently he had run off while her husband was walking him!

We had quite a walk. But it was great. I can so clearly remember during my recovery just last year when the weather was lovely, that I so desperately just wanted to be able to go for a walk but there was no way I was able to. My family took me out in a wheelchair for a good while until I had built all my strength back up. And now, I can make it across the fields again. This makes me happy. We do all take these very simple basic things for granted and we shouldn’t, as when you lose them you realise just how lucky you really are.

On Sunday morning I walked to Caffe Nero in the town and met my two big sisters for a coffee. I took my own banana with me and then bought a pain aux raisin from there. A nice yummy breakfast for me 😋 to go with all the silly chatter. Lynda has been away playing golf in Spain for most of January and February it seems, so it was nice to actually see her for once. She even looked after a little dog for someone for a week while they were out there. For anyone that doesn’t know my sister, animals and her do not really match, so this was a bit of a miracle that happened. She said that she even grew quite fond of it. So I asked her if she wanted to babysit Jake for us for a while, but she declined. Can’t think why, poor extremely hairy Jake 🐶

It had turned out to be a really lovely day again and was quite warm in the afternoon as long as you stayed in the sun. So Gary took me to Bourton on the Water for the afternoon where we became proper tourists!! We slowly wandered about, walking along by the side of the river, round the back streets and in a few of the shops. We even had an ice cream as it was so nice 😃


I had to show you this photo as I love this tree!

When we got back in the evening we then walked down to a local pub and I had a really lovely roast lamb dinner 😋 and an elderflower presse.

I was very lucky to have spent my Sunday afternoon and evening in that way #spoilt

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