Old friends


Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th March

I went to visit my old friend Sue and her husband John this morning. Very sadly, Sue is suffering with cancer at the minute and John has his own health problems. I have known them for years and used to work with Sue in the offices at Chipping Norton Hospital many years ago. They are both so lovely and very kind and it’s just not fair that they are going through all these bad times. It did upset me, but it was SO lovely to see them both.

In the afternoon I had appointments with two different building societies in Banbury to try and sort out my finances! My head found this very difficult to do when I had just spent the morning with someone very ill with cancer. 

I spent Thursday at home and looked forward to my walk in the evening.

On Friday I went to Banbury to see another old friend who I haven’t seen since before my transplants. I used to be a childminder and I got to know Deb as I looked after her baby daughter Sian from just a few weeks old. Sian is now 15 😱 Unfortunately I didn’t get to see her as she was at school, but I remember she was such a good baby, very sweet, she was another part of our little family at the time. It was so nice to have a good catch up.

And that was my week’s holiday soon over and done with. Nothing too thrilling but I had visited two people that I REALLY wanted to catch up with and managed to get a few other things sorted, so I was reasonably pleased with that 🙂

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