Funny feelings


Monday 7th to Tuesday 8th March

Clinic today. My brought forward visit because I reduced my medication too early if you remember and my bloods needed to be checked.

I was going to take my mini to the QE today but when we did a bit of a longer drive to somewhere else before Robyn didn’t really enjoy the journey. She kept fidgeting, couldn’t get comfortable and said that the seat was really hurting her back! I must agree, I did find it a little uncomfortable too :/ So off we went in Robyn’s car and had our lunch on our ‘picnic bench’ in the hospital and did lots of people watching 👀

I have been having a few sort of different feelings around my liver area recently and haven’t been feeling quite 100% so I thought I had better mention it to the consultant just in case it is anything to worry about. He didn’t seem too bothered about it because I’m not particularly unwell or have any temperature I guess. He said he would just look at the blood results as normal when they were back.

We then had an appointment to meet the Communications Officer there too. We sat and had a chat with him about my stay in the hospital. Robyn joined in too telling him about her Dunbars Daring Donor Deed challenge. I’m hoping we are going to feature in the hospital newsletter and website, so we will wait and see.

I read today about a couple that got the call to say there was a liver available in Chicago for their adopted daughter but they wondered how they were going to make it there as many flights were being cancelled due to blizzards. Thankfully a carrier company stepped in and flew the family so that the operation could still go ahead. Have a read about the brave Toddler’s liver transplant

Tuesday morning and I didn’t have to go off to work. I’m on holiday for the week 🤗              I didn’t do anything too exciting today though, I spent my time catching up with a few jobs that needed doing and had a walk into town in the afternoon to get a bit of shopping.

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