Afternoon tea


Friday 4th to Sunday 6th March

Work in the morning. I think it was better than my last experience there on Wednesday. I was a bit more prepared though and had my extra jacket on ready!

Then early evening the snow started. I wasn’t expecting that, I had no idea that had been forecast! It came down very quickly with some very thick flakes and soon settled on the ground. And on poor Buz!


It didn’t hang around for that long though thank goodness. I think by Saturday lunchtime most of it had gone.

I can’t not give a mention to curry Saturday! Chicken, mushroom and cauliflower. With my favourite green beans in mustard seeds of course šŸ˜‹

Sunday = Mothers Day

I had been told to be along at my sister’s house for 1.00pm. I was looking forward to a bit of pampering šŸ™‚

Robyn, Leah and Hannah had planned something for me and Julie. They had a bit of a catastrophe apparently and I had to give Leah and Hannah (wearing her big white fluffy slippers šŸ˜‚) a lift along to the supermarket while Robyn held the fort!

Then eventually, da-da!!!

A homemade afternoon tea. How lovely. A great idea šŸ˜‹
It was a fine afternoon too so we then all went for a walk down to the cemetery to visit my mum šŸ˜¦

It was a nice walk. We walked back through The Common and had a bit of a go on the play area.

Me and Julie decided to have a go on the big slide that has been there since we were much younger! Quite scary that was šŸ˜± I also don’t think many people had been down it either as our jeans were very dirty when we got to the bottom!!!

Back for a cup of tea and cake! and then a little later me and Gary went to the Blue Boar in our town to watch a band. They were called The Average Wyatt Band. Their really good, we have seen them many times before šŸŽŗ

Good to be out and about šŸ™‚ Last Mothers Day was spent in my hospital bed.

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