Mixed bag of weather


Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd March

So following our own radio interview yesterday, Tuesday night was the turn of my own consultant from the QE in Birmingham, Professor Neuberger. He was talking about Primary Biliary Cholangitis on Radio 4’s Inside Health programme with Dr Mark Porter. If you click on this link Inside Health you can download the episode on PBC. There are also many other health issues that have been covered in this series, you might see other topics that interest you too.

On Wednesday morning I walked to work in the pouring rain. I was rather soggy when I arrived. Not a good start to the day, having to sit in my damp clothes. I already wasn’t feeling 100%, I felt a bit sick, my body was aching and I was so tired that I had to keep stopping myself from yawning!

It was also so extremely cold in the shop today. I was actually sat shivering at one point (and that is not me exaggerating unfortunately) and my fingers were literally blue. It’s quite hard to get little coins out of the till when your fingers are numb! I asked if I could get another jacket from somewhere in the end as I didn’t think being this cold would be doing me much good. This did eventually warm me up a bit just slightly and I made it to the end of my shift.

I was so glad to finish work today, but then after all of that I walked back from work – in the hail. Ouch!

Today was a day full of literally all weathers 🌧💨🌨⛅️ Everyone had been commenting on it. I know for a fact that I had definitely had enough of being cold and wet. I was so relieved when I eventually got home, I was definitely looking forward to a hot drink.

I think I spent the whole of the rest of the day trying to get warm.

Thursday evening’s walk was a trip to the new Aldi which has just been built and opened today. Everyone in the town has had their own opinions on whether it will be a good thing or not and how it will affect the other shops that we already have (including the Co-op supermarket where I work) so we will see. Anyway, we amended our route to include a visit to the store. It was very bright and clean, and tidy! I don’t think I will be visiting there too often though as the thing is, Leah goes and does our main shopping at the minute in Banbury as she also likes to get some special Slimming World meals and sauces etc. which you can only get from Iceland I think. So the only shopping I have to get at the minute is the list of odd things that Robyn and Leah normally text me with during the week if they want anything, and I always get these baskets of shopping from the Co-op when I have finished work! Only downside to that is I then have to lug them home 🛍😤

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