Party bag


Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th December

A trip to Banbury this Saturday morning. As we were driving into the town i saw my sister waiting to cross the road. So I sent her a text! She was just going back to meet her husband John for a coffee in Marks & Spencer, so we decided to join them! This is normally unheard of as Gary doesn’t like to do the ‘coffee thing’. So we sat and had a natter while they SHARED their sausage and onion toastie 😂 A little bird told me that they normally share a pot of tea too, but this morning they had obviously pushed the boat out as one had a coffee and the other a tea, to themselves!!

Then me and Gary split and went off to do more of our own Christmas shopping. Easier that way!

Later, while I did a bit of Christmas wrapping, Gary made me a spaghetti bolognese. Had my favourite green beans in it. It was very tasty!


On Sunday I did my ‘weekend’ jobs so all the bins were ready and could go out!! Even did a bit of dusting ready for Robyn to put the Christmas tree up. We have a tiny living room now so all we have room for is Robyn’s little pink Christmas tree that she used to put up in her bedroom at our old house!

This year on one of my many shopping trips I have bought some little fairy lights and a big Father Christmas face, so we could decorate our window too. Something we’ve often wanted to do! We weren’t overlooked in our old house so it was no point putting things up like that as no one would see them unless they came right up to our front door. This window is right next to quite a busy road so this was our chance!
After all that excitement it was time for me to get ready for my Co-op Christmas meal. It was in an old pub in the town called The Fox which has just been completely renovated and opened again a couple of months ago. It’s completely different to how it was, very posh! Well it was all a bit of a disaster really. As the Co-op has been made much much bigger and also been completely renovated and taken on lots of new staff too while I have been off ill, and because I have only been back to work for a month, I don’t know a lot of the younger people that work there. Thank goodness I went with my friend Jackie so at least we could have a nice time together! Unfortunately the food didn’t make the evening any better either, it was awful. I only had a few mouthfuls of each course. And it wasn’t just me being fussy, a lot of the others didn’t like it either. At the end of the evening we did all get a party bag though with some kids chewy sweets in and a box of maltesers each! 😋

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