Nice car


Friday 8th to Sunday 10th January

Friday was just a day made up of work and being at home :/

I have recently read an article about a family that only has four kidneys between them. Years ago the mother had kidney failure and her only hope was a transplant. So her husband was tested and against the odds, as he wasn’t a blood relative, he was a perfect match. The operations went well and they are still both healthy today. Then the son some years later was diagnosed with kidney disease (not related to his mum’s illness) and knew that he would eventually need a transplant too. Family members volunteered and were tested and his sister was found to be a match. So the transplant has just gone ahead and again was successful. Both have now recovered. What a great story 🙂

On Saturday I set out to go for a drive somewhere with Gary and it turned into a trip around local garage forecourts to have a look at what cars were up for sale. 

I have been looking every now and again over the last few months. I’m not one of those people that are impressed by cars, as long as they work I’m happy. But I have taken a fancy to the little Fiat 500. The trouble is they are quite expensive. I don’t have parking outside my house, you just have to try and find a space on little side roads which is normally a real difficult task, and I would be devastated if I spent a lot of money and then my new little car was tampered with or crashed into :/ So I had decided that it’s probably best to ignore my dream for now (maybe one day …) and that after Christmas I would just get anything, but I’d quite like it to be red!

I was just going to buy one that we saw in Kidlington as it had my initials on the number plate again and it didn’t look too bad, but Gary wouldn’t let me, he said I could find a better one than that!!

So I must keep looking.  As for the Fiat 500? For now I will try to be content with my little present that Gary bought me for Christmas 😍


Later I found out it was going to be the first curry Saturday of 2016. Yay!


Sweet potato, cauliflower, mushroom and chicken curry. Chick peas. And my absolute favourite – green beans with mustard seeds. Just dee-licious 😋

On Sunday I had to wait in for the Sky engineer to call, as on Tuesday the tv and Sky had all decided not to work! So I had to make that dreaded phone call and go through all that performance of unplugging everything and checking all the leads which I had already done myself twice before I even picked up the phone, to see if I could fix the problem. In my house this means squabbling about under the table and then trying to move the heavy pine cabinet out so I can get round the back and reach everything! Then I had to ‘press this button’ ‘try this’ but nothing got it to work, so an engineer needed to come out.

He eventually turned up, didn’t know what the problem was, went back out to his van to get some equipment to run some tests and also brought a new lead in with him to try. And that’s what it turned out to be! When he took it out from the back of the tv the metal bit on the end was really bent and he said the connections had probably been pulled out!

So now we have tv to watch once again 📺

Then me and Robyn carried 3 big heavy bags with our Christmas tree, decorations, left over rolls of wrapping paper etc back along the road to my sister’s house, where she keeps it up in her loft for me. A funny sight for anyone else to see, us two struggling along but laughing as we went 😬

Another weekend soon over.

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