Friday 19th February

So after a lovely day yesterday for my birthday, today was a very sad day. It was my hospital friend Marina’s funeral. Robyn had taken the day off to come with me πŸ˜™ but I was doing the driving for a change πŸš—  AND going on the motorway!!!

I did get very upset 😰 I couldn’t bear it. It was bringing back too many difficult memories for me. I’m not a religious person but I did think this particular vicar was very good in how he went about the whole service, some of the things he said really made you think and the way he spoke about Marina was, I felt, sincere.

I won’t EVER forget Marina. We went through a special, difficult, painful, emotional, unexplainable to others, time together (I don’t have anyone to share this with now and that does upset me). She helped me a GREAT deal.

When all I was able to do was lay around on my hospital bed a lot, I used to just be able to relax a bit and watch her sorting out her many bags which she used to do every morning (she was a bit of a hoarder!) and she would normally end up giving me some ginger biscuits or a couple of 2 finger Kit Kats! She loved to colour and I used to watch her sharpening her pencils. And she used to say ‘I’ll be over in a minute’ and she would come and sit by the bed and have a chat. She would do this to the other two patients on the ward too. We used to mess around a little bit during the times we were feeling a bit brighter. She was funny, she made me laugh with some of the things she said and did 😊 

It may sound odd to you all as I didn’t know her for very long but I WILL miss her.

I really don’t know why it is that I am doing so well at the minute and my new friends I have made through my journey haven’t made it through, and I do get extremely upset about this and feel very guilty. I am also extremely grateful and do realise how lucky I have been so far.

I did read about another good news story this week – ‘Partner gives gift of life to fiancΓ© by donating half his liver’ Read their story here The Perfect Match I really do hope everything keeps going well for them both πŸ˜€

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