Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st February

In the evening of this Saturday a year ago I got my phone call. I was in the car. A weird feeling!

And this year, very strange feelings. I hadn’t given it a thought really as to how I would feel for my first year anniversary, but I don’t think I expected it to be like this! 

I felt very upset actually. I couldn’t really concentrate or had the incentive to do anything. And I think because I knew Robyn was struggling today too, it made me feel a bit worse. And because my head wasn’t working I didn’t know how I could help her and that made me feel even worse. Vicious circle! I’m really sorry for being so useless, horrible and no help to you today Robyn 😰

As a result of the above I didn’t do much! while Gary fitted the new stereo that he had bought me for my birthday into my car. It looks great. You can change the colour on the display and you can have flashing disco lights to the music! I love it πŸ˜€

I was also lucky enough to get another fantastic birthday present for my car from my sister Julie, which Gary also fitted for me.

I had hinted that I would love a personalised number plate now, knowing full well I would never get one as they are way too expensive πŸ’· But she did get me this.

And I love it just as much 😍

I popped back home to find that my neighbour had got the garden fence fixed today but the path was left absolutely covered in thick mud (I think they had come round and fitted it from my side!) Not the best thing to be left with when you have a dog that’s obviously in and out of the garden. I think it’s fair to say there were rather a lot of thick muddy footprints 🐾🐾 all over the kitchen floor!

Sunday was spent not doing too much either!

I just kept thinking about the poor family somewhere who was going through the first anniversary of losing their 19 year old female family member. How tough must that be?

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