Left on the bus …


Monday 9th May

Another early start this morning and another treat for Leah’s birthday. We were off to #westfieldlondon shopping centre in Shepherds Bush for a bit of retail therapy! As Leah has been on a mission to lose a bit of weight (and has done brilliantly) she has been saving for a while her birthday and Christmas gift cards and any present money she has been given, so that she can treat herself to some new clothes for her new look! And Westfield was where she wanted to go to spend all that money 💷

We drove to Oxford and caught the Oxford Tube into London. If you get off at the stop in Shepherds Bush you are not far at all from the shopping centre. Definitely within walking distance.

So the shopping began. It was so hot in some of the shops we were all suffering a bit at times. Some nice things were bought 👗👖👟

Eventually it was time for a well earned lunch break. We went to Bills Restaurant in the outside section of the shopping centre. It was a lovely day and it was nice to get some fresh air. We were lucky enough to find an outside table in the sun where we could have our meal. Me and Leah had a lovely chicken burger with some sweet potato fries.

I really enjoyed mine. Robyn picked some kind of superfood salad but wasn’t that pleased with hers  ðŸ˜¦

It was soon time to return to the shopping. I did manage to find myself a new shirt in the afternoon, as it had been looking like I was going to go home with nothing! The bags were increasing and I was getting tired, in fact we all were 😲

We finally decided to call it a day and started to make our way back to the bus. But then Robyn decided that she needed to call in to the supermarket and then stop at a cash machine on the way, which was making Leah a bit frustrated. We finally made it back to the bus stop. Robyn and Leah were in a little bit of a stress :/ I was just exhausted!

What a massive shopping centre that had been. We had literally walked miles. In fact 5.82 miles my Fitbit told me and 13,914 steps.

When we got back to Oxford and it was time for us to get off the bus to go back to our car, Robyn was dilly dallying about so much with all her bags that the bus driver drove off again! They don’t hang about! Leah had already got off as she was sat behind us, but I was trapped as Robyn was on the outside seat. So there we were stood at the bottom of the stairs, trying to keep our balance with all our bags and trying to get hold of Leah, but she wasn’t answering her phone. Thank goodness it was Leah that had got off as we had come in her car and she had the keys. It would have been even more of a disaster if it had been me that just got off on my own!! Leah eventually answered and we arranged to get off at the next stop and that Leah would have to drive to it and pick us up from there. She told Robyn off for not getting organised beforehand, she was NOT happy 😠

A bit of a stressful ending to a long and very tiring, but lovely, day. It could only happen to us I am sure. After they had both calmed down we did eventually laugh about it on the way home 😂😂😂

By the way on a completely different note, I read on Twitter today that HIV infected organs are now able to be used in transplants. Click on the link to have a read of the article. They are obviously only allowed to be given to other HIV infected patients, but this does mean that more healthy organs will become available to all the non-infected patients waiting on the transplant list. Can only be good news all round 🙂

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