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Monday 16th to Tuesday 17th May

When I woke up this morning the dressing had come off from where my mole had been and the Steri-Strip had now gone too! It all seemed to look okay so I decided just to leave it this time. The remaining stitches are due to come out on Wednesday anyway. Here’s a bit of a close up shot for you!

I have been thinking for a while about doing a car boot sale as I have lots of things I could do with trying to get rid of. This is not exactly one of my favourite things to be doing but as we are going to be moving again, I need to make a start on trying to clear a few things out of the way :/ So I had decided that this morning would be a good time to start to put some things to one side ready. I do normally like to keep hold of things but I think this time I was quite successful with my sorting! 

In the afternoon I walked along to the town to meet my friend Jackie ☕️

Robyn told me and Leah she was going to cook for us again tonight. 😳 what this time?!!! A very nice tasting chicken curry – well done Robyn 😃

I came across How much the world has changed when I was having a look around on the Internet. Isn’t it amazing just how much some of these cities have grown over the years? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to be able to look into the future to see how they are going to be? Are buildings just going to keep on getting higher?!!!

I found another couple of articles on this same website justsomething that I found interesting to look at, like how different breakfast looks like from around the world – really? people eat some of those things for breakfast?? and the photos of the amazing cakes that Olga the Russian confectioner makes. But there are so many other things featured for you to have a look at when you have half an hour to spare!

Tuesday was a work day and then I had a doctors appointment at 5.30. Apparently it is a possibility that I might have fibroids now, as I have been suffering with a lot of heavy bleeding. Never ending for me isn’t it :/ Here’s some information about Fibroids if you would like to have a read. So I am now waiting for an appointment to come through to have a scan. I will keep you posted!
Here is an amazing story for you – Head transplant. I guess people thought it was strange back when the first human internal organs were transplanted …

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