Two sunny walks


Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th May

A relaxed morning spent catching up with some emails and a few other jobs that needed doing on my iPad. 

Then a walk around the town to get some fresh air as it was a lovely day! It’s good to have a look about and see what’s going on in your own hometown …

When we got back Gary decided he fancied a drive out so we set off not really having a clue where we were going :/ A mystery tour 😱

Then back to Julie’s for a visit and a cuppa. Jack was doing something to the brakes on Hannah’s car so we were all stood about outside watching and chatting. Apart from Robyn, who I was a little worried about – she was missing! :/ She would have finished work by now and she still wasn’t answering my messages, which was unusual. I was about to send out a search party when she finally contacted me. She had gone out for a drink straight from work with some of the other girls 😏 Naughty!!!

Sunday, another sunny day and another walkabout.

In the afternoon I sat enjoying the sun in Gary’s garden. He decided to give the barbecue a bit of a clean and look what he found lurking behind it.

It’s giving me the shivers again looking at this photo right now 😳 I think it’s the way it was looking right at me :/

Japan, a country which does seem to have a low rate of people that actually get the transplants that they need. So someone has come up with this idea Second Life Toys, which is trying to raise awareness of a shortage of child organ donors. I hope this is successful. Maybe it will eventually catch on in other countries too.

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