No breakfast


Thursday 12th to Friday 13th May

I think my body had recovered a tiny bit this morning although I was still tired and now a bit frustrated too as I had some catching up to do to get some of my outstanding jobs done. So I was out in the garden hanging Robyn’s duvet cover on the washing line to dry, stretching up when OUCH 😫 I quickly went inside and looked in the mirror and yes, I had pulled one of my stitches out :/

It was very sore. I thought I had better get it checked out and as I had an appointment in the local hospital today anyway, which is almost next door to the doctors surgery, I rang and they said it would be best to get it looked at, so I  got an appointment with the nurse.

So now all my plans had to change :/ I had been planning to drive up to the hospital as I had an appointment to see my original consultant, but I thought maybe I shouldn’t in case some more of my stitches came loose! So I then had to rush about to get ready (no time for breakfast) so I could catch the bus in time 🏃

While I was in the hospital waiting room I saw that some of our leaflets were still on display encouraging people to sign up to become an organ donor from when Robyn was doing her challenge 🙂

I had a chat with my consultant Dr Ellis. He doesn’t really need to do a lot as I am still under the doctors in the QE Birmingham, he just likes to keep a check on me really! He said to me ‘you are a different person to what you were’.

And I am. It’s so easy to forget just how ill I was before my transplants when your so busy getting on with what life throws at you now, so I think it’s quite good for me when people say these things, just every now and then, so I can stop and think back and realise just how lucky I really am. I certainly don’t want to take it all for granted, so if I can help just a few people with my blog and by my visits to the liver ward at the John Radcliffe hospital and also by helping to get as many extra people signed up to the organ donor register, fundraising and any research that I take part in, then I hope I can say that I have tried to do ‘my bit’, although I know it’s only in the tiniest way.

I walked across to the doctors surgery then to wait for my appointment with the nurse. I thought to myself, I know I’ll get a coffee from the machine that I had noticed in there before while I’m waiting and eat my banana for my delayed breakfast. But there was to be no chance of something nice like that happening! I discovered that the coffee machine only took card payments and when I got my purse out there was no card!!! Flip – I must have left it at home :/ So I decided to ask the receptionist if I could have a drink of water, she gave me half a small plastic cupful!!! I give up 🙃

The nurse just put a Steri-Strip where my stitch had come out. She said it all looked fine.

I walked back into town. Thankfully it was a nice warm sunny day. I decided to treat myself to a quick visit to Caffe Nero as I hadn’t been successful in the surgery ☕️

I walked back home to get my car then (I thought I would now be okay to drive again) as it was time to visit my friend Sue, who is very ill with cancer. It was lovely to see her and her husband John again, they are such kind, lovely people. But it was also so sad and I cried as soon as I left and shut the door 😰

I couldn’t concentrate on anything else at all when I got back. I was just so upset to see Sue in that way, and John, who is not 100% well himself, caring for her so lovingly. 

I was very much looking forward to my weekly walk for a much needed bit of stress relief. It was a lovely long countryside walk again as we were lucky that it was yet another sunny evening.

Being able to walk through the fields right next to these lovely places also makes me realise how lucky I am to be able to do all this again. I know quite a few people who just aren’t so lucky 😦 Appreciate the simple things 😊

I found a great item of news on Twitter this evening, so I would just like to say congratulations to a Transplant surgeon from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, who has won a top TV award for encouraging thousands of Asian people to sign up to the organ donor register. And that’s always a good thing 😀

Friday the 13th. Just a morning at work followed by the usual jobs at home in the afternoon and evening. Thank goodness nothing untoward happened. A much quieter day compared to yesterday.

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