Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th June

A trip into Banbury and then back to spend some time in the garden as it was a lovely sunny afternoon and evening. 

I was lucky enough to be spoilt with another barbecue and another onion, courgette, pepper and haloumi kebab πŸ˜‹

We were also joined by another friend in the garden yet again.

Ugh, they make my body shiver when I see them! But it does fascinate me as to why these toads seem to like to live in Gary’s garden 🐸 I always wonder where they have come from in the first place? I have always associated them with living near water and there is none anywhere near! 

In the evening we watched the film Django. Now normally I fall asleep when I set out to watch a film, or I get fed up and get my iPad out but unusually this film kept me hooked and I was gripped to it from start to finish πŸ™ƒ

On Sunday, after getting a few jobs done first, we went for a lovely family walk around the town πŸ˜‚ Even Jack came with us. We were having a bit of a look around to check out some houses that we had seen on the Internet which were up for sale.

Leah and Jack had fallen a bit behind as they had seen a little dog and they went to check it was okay! so we waited for them to catch up in the bus stop and then decided to have a little random photo taken 😊 Leah looks pleased with herself anyway and Robyn was all ready to take herself off to the gym!
I have still been feeling a bit unwell this weekend. Sometimes I have felt sick, other times my tummy has felt unsettled and just been aching. This was really starting to annoy me as I don’t like it when I am not feeling 100% anymore especially as I have been feeling really quite well lately. Well physically anyway, mentally I still find it hard sometimes. Plus I am now also going through all the hassle of trying to sort out where on earth we are going to live, which is not easy at all I must say, along with various other things that have been going on.

I really don’t know whether I should dare to say this – I seem to have been clear of my Shingles type virus for a tiny little while … 😏

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