Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd June

So it turned out to be another Monday afternoon visit to Costa. Robyn’s boyfriend Tom met us for a little while today too. He had been to a music festival over the weekend and was still feeling a bit hungover and very tired!

I came across this on Radio Oxford’s Facebook page Biff, Chip and Kipper. Just a blast from the past – Robyn and Leah learnt to read with these books! 📚

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at work (staying to do 2 hours overtime on Wednesday) and then at home.

I know it doesn’t really sound like a whole lot has been going on! But I haven’t exactly been feeling my best as I’ve still been suffering with my aching tummy and feeling sick. But I’ve still been going to work and even stayed on and worked extra!

I’ve also had my financial head on at every opportunity, adding up our monthly income and expenses, adding this figure and that figure, and whatever else I can think of, that will help me to decide if we are really able to afford to BUY a house rather than find another one to rent. My two daughters would get the mortgage and I would use the money I have from the sale of our old house as a deposit. Would this all work out? Is this a completely stupid idea? I do feel extremely guilty about thinking of going down this route, I should be able to provide a home for my children until they choose to leave it, but the fact is that I simply can’t. One very good thing is that the mortgage payments would actually be much less than the new rent amount we would have to pay, we will in fact be better off! so surely we have to give it a shot? 😏 I’ve been going through this in my head over and over, in the mornings when I have woken very early and can’t get back to sleep, when I’m at work, doing some jobs at home, whenever and wherever.

It’s been quite a tough few days actually and I have very often felt like doing something like this:

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