More upset


Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th November

So with the hospital visit over it was now time to get back into ‘house move mode’ and see what jobs needed doing in the house. Robyn, Leah and myself had all booked the day off from work.

Leah was up at the crack of dawn and started (and finished!) painting her bedroom. She worked so hard, with just a short break for lunch. She did a great job. After a slow start Robyn spent the day spring cleaning 😂 She too worked very hard! And I crawled about in the cupboard under the stairs getting rid of the cobwebs so that I could stack a few things away. We had a good productive day 😆

Despite this very busy day we were still all feeling a bit strange about being in this new house. It really hadn’t all sunk in yet. Was this lovely house really ours now?

I think I need to find the regular spot where I will sit with my junk and my bags before I will properly feel at home 😬

Then back to work for me and Robyn on Wednesday.

Over the last few weeks Leah has been for an ultrasound scan and to have blood taken. Today she was off to hospital with her dad to see a consultant to find out the results of these. Leah’s dad has Polycystic Kidney Disease (this is an hereditary condition). We already know that Robyn has this too as we found out accidentally after she needed an emergency scan following a car crash. Now it was Leah’s turn to find out if she too has the condition …

She does 😩 More upset for us to deal with 😰

I didn’t go volunteering this Thursday which also upset me greatly as I hadn’t been able to go last week either. I wasn’t feeling in the best of moods and when I couldn’t find my bag that has my bus pass and volunteer badge in it (I was rushing around searching through all the boxes we have stacked around right now :/ ) I was getting more frustrated and eventually I just gave up. 

When I had sorted myself out and calmed myself down I started to do some more sorting jobs around the house and then later in the afternoon I walked along into the town, called into the post office to redirect the mail, then called into the bank and building society to change all of our addresses there (that’s a never ending job in itself) and then of course treated myself to Caffè Nero for some much needed catching up with my blog :/ 

Robyn was on a very late lunch (she started work at 9am, was finishing at 8pm and couldn’t have her lunch break until 4.45pm! I’m sure that’s not right 🤔) so she joined me in there for a little while too.

Friday was just a normal work day and then home to jobs in the kitchen 😖

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