Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th January

What to do this weekend? No endless stressful shopping trips for Christmas presents, no Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve to deal with!

Gary took me for a drive around on Saturday afternoon. We had a little walk around the garden centre in Bicester and some other places but I really didn’t need to buy anything!

This looks like a fun thing to do on a Sunday in January (sometimes I do wish I lived in London!) Have a look at the No Trousers on the Tube ride πŸ˜‚

But I did do something quite exciting too. I signed up for #walk1000miles

I’m really not sure how successful this is going to be. Bearing in mind that it is something extra that I am adding into my busy schedule! Working part-time, volunteering, attempting to keep the house ‘half reasonable’ (and failing!!!) from all the debris the three of us leave about the place, maybe being lucky enough to go out every now and again, keeping up with my blog, my already aching and hurting old body. All of which some days makes me so very tired.

The good thing about this challenge is that it is all completely up to the individual to how and if you do it, so the only pressure is what you put on yourself. So of course yes, I’m already under pressure!

So I managed to get Gary to come for the very first walk with me, and my bobble hat!

4.80 miles πŸ‘ (made my poor old hips ache a bit :/ )

The first funny story to come out of my walks (I’m sure there will be many more 😏) was that I put a couple of ‘Happy New Year’ cards that I wanted to send in my back pocket so that I could post them when we walked back through the town. Got to the post box, they were nowhere to be seen. They must have fallen out somehow 😱

We retraced our walk in the car a bit later, looking out the window for the little pink envelopes, but they were not to be seen. So now I will need to be writing them out again! I wonder if someone comes across them they will just put them in the post for me? Then my friends will eventually get two 😁

The first of many, many, many walks this year …

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