Scary swans 


Thursday 16th to Friday 17th February

I made it to volunteering this Thursday. Followed by one of my walks around the streets surrounding the hospital. A doctors appointment for my feet (yes I have finally given in 😏). And then my usual evening walk.

And as it was a nice sunny day on Friday we had a bit of an unexpected day out in Stratford. One of the conditions being that we had a walk along the side of the river so that I could clock up a few miles! So off we went – Robyn, Leah, myself, Julie, Hannah and her friend’s little boy Harley.

We had a tasty lunch, a jacket potato with chilli and cheese for me, and a good wander about. The walk along the river was fun. Feeding the ducks and the swans, Robyn and Harley being surrounded by them and then playing in the trees. A visit to a couple of shops and that was the afternoon soon over. 3.46 miles 👣 ✔️

Later on, when we had all got back home, it was time to try and sort a few things ready for my birthday outing tomorrow. Of course, just the same as all the other organising I have tried to do has caused me problems, this did too, resulting in long complicated phone calls with my sister and a mad dash down to her house to use her printer, which then also decided it was going to play up. But finally we managed to sort it all. Only then to receive a phone call from my brother being just a little awkward about the plans I had made for the day!  😩

Oh goodness me. I have had enough. It’s my birthday tomorrow and in some ways I wasn’t really looking forward to it 😶

Then I saw this heartwarming story ‘jumbo sweaters‘ – have a little read!
Goodbye forties 👋 you have certainly challenged me (in many, many, many ways) and right up until the very end too! I somehow made it through, goodness knows how at times 😳 

Now it’s very nearly time to say hello fifties 😱 – I’m ready for you …

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