Birthday wishes


Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th February

Happy 60th Birthday to my brother Peter 🍻 He had been taken off to Cyprus ☀️ for a week to celebrate, the lucky thing.

As it was a nice day here too, I went off for a Monday afternoon walk with my friend Kate.

Tuesday. Valentines Day 💕 And this time my sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Julie 💐

So after a normal work day, in the evening a few of us went to the Toby Carvery restaurant in Banbury for a nice roast dinner to celebrate. I was looking forward to this but I was also wondering how my tummy would cope with it 😏

I’ve been to work on both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week but I still haven’t been feeling especially great while I’ve been there 😷 Since my ‘sickness’ last week, no matter what I seem to eat now has been giving me horrible pains in my tummy. What with this, and all the stress from still trying to arrange my outing to celebrate my birthday, food has not been high on my list of priorities. I guess as a result of that maybe, I am still feeling so tired and weak 😖 Makes everything so much harder to cope with. Not a great week so far.

If only I lived in Australia. I would just be able to visit this – ‘A behind-the-scenes look at organ and tissue donation, the Giving Life exhibition showcases the powerful stories of families and medical professionals touched by the gift of life’. It actually officially opens on my birthday so my problems would be solved!

And if my tummy was better I might be able to try these Scotch Creme Eggs. Look delicious don’t they, but think they may be a little sickly! Or how about these Cadbury Choc Tarts …

which apparently are coming out in the shops soon 😋

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