No pancakes :/


Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March

So two years ago this Monday, I was having my second liver transplant. Just the beginning of my crazy and difficult time 😖 I find it quite tough at times when I think back, I have some weird and bizarre feelings about it all.

I didn’t seem to do anything at all to celebrate it this year (apart from Robyn, as always, who spoilt me with a card and present 😘) I just treated myself to a Costa before going to an appointment with my original consultant in the Horton Hospital, Banbury. So I updated him with things and also told him the fact that because of some of my recent blood results, PBC may be back in my new liver. He always has a feel of my tummy (which is something that Birmingham clinic consultants never do). Amazing how they can feel some of your internal organs through your skin and can kind of assess how they feel to them! And I told him that I am starting to get fluid build up in my legs and feet 😩 I don’t know if this is a side effect of the medication I am on for my high blood pressure or something else. Of course it wasn’t too bad when I showed him, so he told me to just keep an eye on it. He makes a note of everything on my file and always writes to my GP and I always have to have my blood taken there, but he doesn’t adjust my medication or anything. As I still haven’t been discharged from the doctors in Birmingham yet, that is all still left to be done when I go to my clinic appointments there. I seem to be getting double the care!

I called in to see my sister and her husband on the way back home to give them a piece of my birthday cake. So I stopped for a quick coffee and chat and also picked up a couple of the boxes that have been stored there while we were in the process of moving. Now to find more places to store even more junk!

Shrove Tuesday – pancake day. Off to work and then no pancakes to look forward to either 😞 I think this is the first time for many many years that we haven’t joined in with the pancake tradition. We usually make our own mixture and we always have to toss them before we can eat them (being careful not to drop them on the floor as Jake 🐶 would be ready and waiting underneath). This year Robyn was out at her boyfriends for the evening and because of their different complicated diet ‘restrictions’ no one wanted to eat any anyway, and me? I’m just simply not into food right now! 😔

Wednesday – just work. And then Leah cooked this for me 😋

And I actually enjoyed it (considering I have no appetite at all at the minute).

I heard on Thursday morning that a friend had just undergone her third liver transplant. I couldn’t stop thinking about her 🤔 I knew exactly where I was going to walk to when I had finished my volunteering today. I walked into nearby Headington so that I could take a photo of this (just to send as a bit of fun to hopefully brighten her day just a tiny bit when she woke up in Critical Care).

I have been wearing some different boots which are a bit of a looser fit and I found were a bit more comfortable on my broken toe 😕 but I haven’t worn them on a long walk before, so they started to rub my feet … I ended up with two blisters as well as a sore toe ☹️ Silly me. Oh well it was worth it to get the picture I wanted.

In the evening instead of a walk this week, I went for a carvery meal in a local pub with the usual walking group to belatedly celebrate my birthday with them.

Friday was just a hobble to work with my very sore feet 😨

My #walk1000miles challenge has suffered a little this week. I’ve not really been able to go out on any little extra walks which I like to try and do (I made an exception on Thursday of course). It hurts my toe too much. I am not happy about this.

And just in case you might be lucky enough to visit London soon! why not have a look at where you might still be able to see some Banksy artwork.

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