Rainy weather


Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th March

There was no walk happening this Saturday ☹️! I went shopping, bought a pine bookcase and saw a rainbow! 🌈

But on Sunday I managed to get Leah, Julie, Hannah and Gary all to come out for a walk with me 🤗 Three and a half miles we did!

We did get very, very wet.

But then finally the sun did come out.

We walked down to the old Bliss Tweed Mill which is in our town (my mum used to work there years ago but it has now been converted into apartments), along to Pool Meadow (we used to spend lots of time there with friends in the school holidays when Robyn and Leah were little, playing in the stream and eating picnics in the sun), then up around the back of St Mary’s Church and into town, where we all trooped into Caffè Nero (a bit damp and rather muddy) for a well deserved mug of tea ☕️

Myself and Gary then followed this by going to listen to some live music in a hotel in a nearby village. We even had a very quick game of Pairs while we were sat there as someone had left a pack of cards on the table! We had a nice evening.

Just to say that Dr Thomas Starzl has very sadly died at the age of 90. Starzl performed the world’s first liver transplant in 1963 and the world’s first successful liver transplant in 1967 (the year I was born!) Thank you Dr Starzl 😀

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