Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th March

Guess what time my appointment at the dentist was this Monday?

2.30 🤗 Yes it seriously was. 🤣🤣🤣

I was very scared to go as I haven’t been for a long time and I am scared of having appointments with anyone now which may end up with them having to give me some kind of treatment that will hurt 😏 Thankfully I had Leah to arrange my appointment, she booked it for the nicest dentist and made sure she was the nurse for that day so she could look after me! Good news – it turned out that everything was fine.

So I combined this trip with a long walk around and about the town, a quick Caffè Nero visit and got back just in time to meet Julie and Hannah to go straight back out for another walk! where we came across these lovely pigs 🐷 that came across to see us and were very keen to pose for pictures!

And after a morning at work on Tuesday, back out again for another walk with them, 5 miles this time 🤗 (I think J&H have now decided to join up to #walk1000miles too 👣)

Wednesday was a day off from walking, and from work too! I went over to visit my friend Deb who lives in Banbury. When Robyn and Leah were much younger I was a childminder. I used to look after no end of children at various different times and days. It was hard work but a lot of fun. I looked after Sian (Deb’s daughter) from when she was a tiny baby. I think it was from 8am to 6pm, so at the time she became part of the family really. Sian is now at college!!! Anyway it was nice to catch up with Deb ☕️

Could you do something amazing like this man, who donated a kidney to a stranger. They are now best friends and meet up regularly. Brilliant 🙂 

We only need 1 kidney and we are born with 2. Why not ‘share your spare’?

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