1000 Thank Yous


Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th March

A piece of artwork was being opened this Thursday in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to recognise the generosity of organ donors and their families. I had been invited to attend this ceremony as my ‘thank yous’ to my two donor families, I am very chuffed to say, had been chosen to be included πŸ˜€

As it was my usual volunteering day (and a bit of a journey to get there) I felt I wasn’t really able to attend. I wasn’t really happy at all with that decision. I do hope I can get over to see 1000 Thank Yous some time soon as from what I’ve seen I think it looks great.

When I got back from Oxford later in the afternoon I joined J&H for part of the walk they were doing, then I came back, had a quick snack and then went back out again for my evening walk.

Friday. Just work.

My feet were really hurting a lot this morning while I was sat on my checkout. I guess I had walked 7 miles yesterday which probably didn’t help. But sometimes they do seem to bother me more than others πŸ˜–

You may remember that last year I went to a couple of meetings with the local PBC group. One of the lady’s from there came into the shop this morning (her daughter actually lives in my town!) She seems to be one of the lucky ones though as she has hardly any side effects.

‘PBC is a progressive condition, which means the damage to the liver can get steadily worse over time. The rate at which PBC progresses varies between individuals. In some cases, it can take decades.’

And my version of it led to transplant! 😱 Strange isn’t it?

There was a visit from baby James to look forward to later today though. He is just the cutest baby πŸ‘Ά 😍 Here he is all snuggled up in Leah’s bed!

By the way, do you fancy some stir-fried ice cream?! 🍨

Saturday ended up with an unexpected trip to a garden centre. That’s what happens when you go out for a drive, just for something to do for an hour or two πŸ™ƒ

Then it turned out to be a curry Saturday. I can’t tell you just how delicious it was. Green beans in mustard seeds, sweet potato in the curry itself and this time garlic mushrooms too πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Sunday was another family walk, even with Robyn too this time. We started off by walking along the side of the main roads outside our town, which is not great. The cars go SO fast. There are paths to walk on but they are right next to the roadside so when the big lorries go past you almost get sucked in! At last we made it to the much nicer part of the walk, along part of a footpath called the Saltway (an ancient track) which passes by the edge of the local golf course and Glyme Valley Nature Reserve and then back down Glyme Lane into the town. 5.89 miles. Here we all are looking oh so glamorous 😏

In the evening Gary treated me to a roast in Bitter & Twisted. I chose the shoulder of lamb which came with roast potatoes and green veg and a sweet potato mash. Absolutely lovely it was!

Blimey I’ve eaten well this weekend!

On our way home we saw Robyn sat with her friend Kayleigh in another pub, so we called in and gatecrashed their peaceful chat! Sorry 😐

(Some of my 50th birthday photos have now been uploaded on to my Photos page for you to have a look at if you so wish πŸ‘€)

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