Steep hill


Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th March

A trip out to Millets Farm Centre this warm sunny Saturday. Myself, Gary and Leah too 😀 as she was at a loose end!

We watched a flying display 🦅, visited the birds!, went in the farm shop (where unfortunately I didn’t buy any of the great looking pick n mix. I bought, what turned out to be, very boring biscuits 🍪☹️ and some brownies) and of course we went for, a little part, of their woodland walk 🌳 We also had a look at the few animals there 🐐 and a wander around the garden centre!

Mothering Sunday. Certainly not a relaxing day! A walk had been planned which started at Upton House. We set off from the car park, across a couple of fields, but we very soon got lost 😏 We went through thick mud, lots of gates and stiles, many fields, but we didn’t have a clue where we were. We couldn’t see any of the landmarks that were mentioned on the map! We were all getting tired and some were a bit fed up I think. Then to top it off we came across a very steep hill in the next field which we realised we needed to go up, it WAS a struggle, a bit of a mountain climb, we had a quick breather about halfway up then started off again. We came up to a lane where we then worked out that we had turned left instead of right quite near the beginning of the walk!!! Thank goodness it was another nice day, which perhaps made it a bit more bearable.

Here’s the map of the walk that we didn’t do! If you fancy it hopefully you will be a bit more successful than we were 😳

The next disaster was the meal. Because the organisation of it had been left a bit late apparently there wasn’t many places left to choose from that could fit us all in at a suitable time. The pub that was chosen wasn’t the most desirable of places :/ We went in. Our reserved table was set almost in the middle of the bar, a high table with stools! None of us really liked the look of it, we didn’t want to be the pub’s entertainment for the afternoon! so we just walked back out (yes, it was naughty of us I guess).

Now where to go? Someone came up with the idea of Pizza Hut so that’s where we headed off to. And it was really quite nice. I had a pepperoni pizza 🍕 and I ate the whole lot of it which is most unusual for me. Maybe the stressful walk had given me a bit more of an appetite!

Back home for a cup of tea and a slice of the cake that Robyn had bought for me and Julie ☕️🍰

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