Fun in the sun


Thursday 15th June

Happy Birthday Robyn 🎉

Breakfast was served out in the garden! as it was a lovely warm morning.

Then off me and Robyn went to spend the day in Evesham.

We went and had a look around a few shops first of all and then a walk along the riverbank.

We had worked up an appetite then for our picnic lunch. A bit more of a walk around including a visit to the children’s play area where, among other things, we had some fun bouncing together on the trampoline 🤣


Then it was time to leave. Robyn had been lucky enough to receive an iPad for her birthday so we needed to get back to some Wifi!

Then it was time to get ready for the evening celebrations. A drink in a local pub, where Robyn finally had her birthday ‘cake’. Julie and Hannah had made this train out of melon and water melon (as Robyn is a massive fruit fan 🍉🍇🥝) Brilliant.

I hope you enjoyed your day of fun in the sun Robyn 😀

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