The Big Feastival


Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th August

Back to The Big Feastival, a lovely sunny Saturday too 🌤

(We had already spent Friday evening at the Feastival, watching Louisa Johnson (an ex X Factor winner), watching Toploader (a band from the 90s), their most famous song that you might know being Dancing in the Moonlight, singing and dancing along with Alex James and Jamie Oliver while they were both behind the dj booth competing against each other to play the best old and very well known songs and then later dancing with Gary in the silent disco 💃)

Robyn joined us later on the Saturday. We watched Ella Eyre and danced to Olly Murs and later went back to the silent disco again (which was one of my favourite things!)

It was just SO hot on the Sunday. We all needed to find some shade at times. I enjoyed my black coconut flavoured ice cream! which helped to cool me down for a little while. In the evening we made our way to the barriers right at the front so that Gary could watch his favourite band Madness play.

We did lots of walking around all over the weekend, looking at all the stalls and watching everything that was going on. We tried free samples from the various food stands. We saw people we knew from our town and we saw a couple of famous people! We did silly things …

Gary sampled the Italian beer, Robyn the gin! and I had a really lovely cheese and pesto toasted sandwich (in fact I think I might well have had two of these 🐷). In the evenings we sat and had a quick warm by the fire pit 🔥

What a great weekend it had been. 

I was now very tired and aching. We had walked at least 13 miles.

Have a look at just some of my Feastival pics on the Photos page …

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