Christmas and New Year


Sunday 24th to Sunday 31st December

Christmas Eve started off well with my favourite breakfast πŸ˜‹

Then last minute wrapping of presents, tidying the house and a visit to my mum and dad’s grave 😒

Gary, my brother, sister and niece came round for a few nibbles in the evening.

Christmas Day and Leah was working πŸ˜– The first time ever that Robyn, Leah and myself haven’t been together in the morning to have stockings and open presents. Everything all felt a bit strange. Christmas was just on hold really until Leah came home. Me, Robyn and Gary went for a short walk around our town and then we went to Julie’s and waited for Leah to return …

Then Christmas dinner.

And finally time for present 🎁 opening. Yay – at last πŸ€—

We had a nice day and yet again I was spoilt with all of my lovely presents.

Boxing Day was a walk down to see the Heythrop Hunt that meets in our town every year. We met up with my niece, nephew and girlfriend and had a few drinks in the pubs and finally was joined by my brother and we had a nice lunch. Leah had gone off to work again and later Robyn met up with her friends so it was just back home for me.

I spent quite a lot of my time between Christmas and New Year just being home alone and not really doing anything πŸ˜” I was back at work too, it’s miserable that you don’t get a break when you work in a shop.

We had more snow. Not quite as much as last time but still enough for Leah to have to dig her car out again. The paths all around were just a nightmare as they weren’t being cleared and it just kept freezing overnight. Getting to work was a bit of a problem, it was just SO slippy that you couldn’t actually walk on the paths, you just had to try to make your way onto the roads as soon as you could, but then you faced the danger of the cars just heading straight towards you!

I was lucky enough to have one day out. My friend Nina invited me to go and see War Horse with her in Oxford. We had a bit of a look around the sales in the shops and had a bit of a hurried pizza for lunch as time was running out before the show started!

It was GOOD, quite amazing. The way the horses were made and worked by the puppeteers was completely fascinating. If you get a chance, go and see this show.

Just time for coffee and cake β˜•οΈπŸ° after the show before we set off for home.

I also went back to Oxford again at the weekend. A walk around with Robyn and Gary. I took pieces of my Christmas cake with me and I gave them out to the poor homeless people that were just sat about on the street.

Then it was New Years Eve. I started to get a tummy ache in the afternoon and felt a bit sick 🀒 I didn’t really feel like eating anything at all but thank goodness I started to improve slightly as we had a table booked for a meal in Bitter & Twisted in the evening. So I made the effort and got ready. I did enjoy my meal and we had a bit of fun.

Goodbye 2017 πŸ‘‹

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