Monday 1st to Wednesday 31st January

So January started with me being ill for the first week. In fact on New Years Day I only had a few sips of water all day long. I didn’t even take any of my tablets. I just could not face a single thing. I wasn’t able to go to work or do much else. It really wasn’t the way I wanted the new year to begin, I was hoping it was going to be nice to me 😏

I managed to do a few short walks around the town to get my last few miles in before my challenge ended on Sunday 7th. This day was dry and sunny. Gary and Robyn came out for my last walk with me.

We did 3 and a half miles. And that’s it, my year was up! I had completed my challenge 🤗 My total mileage for the year was 1043.19. I am disappointed that I couldn’t do more. Tearing my calf muscle and not being able to walk for a month was just not in my plan. I am thankful that it didn’t happen until after I had walked my 1000th mile though or I would not have been a very happy lady! I haven’t added all of my sponsor money up yet but I will let you know the final total when I do 🙂

I will say that I have spent most of the month just feeling completely exhausted. I have found work quite a struggle at times. My shoulders hurt a lot from the constant repetitive movements which are done while I’m also hunching my body up trying to keep warm, I don’t think that helps matters. I also suffer with Raynaud’s disease (which causes some areas of your body such as your fingers and toes to feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures or stress) and it is particularly bad at the moment. Can you imagine trying to handle money while your fingers are white and numb from the lack of blood flow – it’s not an easy thing to do.

I also have a sore hip and my big toe still hurts. I’ve started to get cramps every now and again in my toes and hands. I’m falling apart I think 😖 I also have noticed that I have been itching …

It has been nice to get out with Jackie and her dog Alfie 🐶 for a few short walks and in the middle of the month I was finally able to join the Thursday evening gang again for some of our longer walks. I’m hoping that my calf muscle is up to these again now as I have missed them.

Storm Fionn visited us in the early hours of Thursday 18th. I just happened to have stayed over at Gary’s house that night. We both woke in the early hours of the morning to the sound of very strong winds, only for Gary to discover when he looked out of the window that his garden wall had fallen down. There were bricks and other stuff everywhere! As daylight came we then discovered that some of the wall had come down onto my car 😢

Just another little thing to be sorted!

I’ve had a couple of odd days off from work to use some of my holiday up, I’ve met my friend Nina for a coffee, had coffee with my sister Lynda, I’ve been out for a tasty roast dinner, there’s been a couple of curry Saturdays, one of them being a very delicious Punjabi tamarind curry of chicken and cauliflower with pilau rice, I’ve been to Oxford with Leah and bought some more fish for my tank (I really must show you photos of these at a later date), I’ve had a cuddle of newborn baby Joey (belonging to Robyn’s best friend Lucie) … so there has been a few nice things going on too.

We woke up to more snow one Sunday morning again. Let’s all go for a walk so that Leah can take some more snowy pics on her new camera we thought. By the time we were all ready it had started to rain. It was a real horrible walk in the end, just thick slush to try and walk about in and we all got SO extremely soaked and cold. It turned out to be a real nasty day weather wise in the end but thankfully it meant that the white stuff didn’t hang around for long this time.

I didn’t feel well again at the end of the month. Unsettled tummy, diarrhoea, funny head. And still just so tired. This makes everything so much harder work.

So overall January hasn’t been a great month really. I am very fed up of just being SO exhausted all of the time. A lot of the time I haven’t had much enthusiasm to do anything and my appetite hasn’t been great. I think I need a very long holiday in some warm sunshine!☀️

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