Painful fingers


Tuesday 13th to Tuesday 20th March

So very, very tired for work after my trip to Birmingham yesterday.

Wednesday, a day off when I spring cleaned a window frame!!! and visited a friend (I used to childmind her daughter from when she was just a tiny baby until she was about 3 or maybe 4 I think πŸ€”)

On Thursday I did 3 separate walks! One of them was only a mile long but my tracker made the shape of some walking legs!

For a little while on Sunday evening I sneaked in to Leah’s bed (it was so extremely cold and was starting to snow again 😱) and was listening to her music which she always has going when she’s at home. She plays a real mixture, some of my favourite ones from the charts, some of all of our old favourites to bring back some memories. All 3 of us love to listen to Leah’s music from whichever room we might be in the house!

A visit to Dr Fisher on Monday morning, who told me that the results of the X-ray on my hip were fine, so now to wait for the ultrasound.

In the afternoon I needed to take my car back to the garage in Banbury ready for tomorrow, when they were going to replace the seal above the window which they recently repaired, as it was loose. Then the idea was for me to get a lift back home with Leah when she finished work. I left the car and started the reasonably long walk into town. The garage then rang to say that they had already done the seal and did I want to just come back and collect it now! So I turned around and walked back to the garage. I checked the seal, to me it didn’t look like it had been fixed, they had just tried to squeeze it back in, they certainly didn’t have time to fit the new one. So the manager came and looked, I explained that it was booked in for tomorrow really and he agreed that it was not good enough and could I leave it to be sorted properly tomorrow as planned! So back off I set again for the walk into town to meet Leah. There’s nothing I like better on a very cold early evening than walking back and forward, back and forward through the back streets of Banbury! 😫

I collected my car again after work on Tuesday πŸš— It’s not a perfect job, but at least it has the new seal on it now 😏

Raynaud’s disease, just another delightful condition for me to deal with! Do you suffer with it yourself, have you heard of it? Here’s a pic of how my hands looked on Sunday.

I will be glad when this long cold winter has finally ended. Although, as it says in the above link, it doesn’t have to be that extremely cold for my poor fingers to suffer πŸ–

I do think that if I lived in a warm, sunny country a lot of my problems would just disappear! 🏝

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