Blocked ears!


Tuesday 3rd to Friday 13th April

So April so far has been pretty straight forward!

Working and volunteering. Though I did feel rather strange at times as I think my ears were a bit blocked or something! Lots of echoing and mumbling background noise which I couldn’t really make any sense of 🤔

Sometimes I may not have much to write about but I do think that there is always too much for me to think about.

🤯 “My brain is like an Internet browser. 17 tabs are open. 9 of them are not responding. Thousands of popups.” 🤯

It’s been nice to be able to go on a few longer walks as the evenings are getting lighter.

Happy 50th Birthday to Gary. A meal out with Emma and Jamie, I had some really nice 🐠 and 🍟

University Hospitals Birmingham – one of the top ten centres in the world for liver research, treatment and transplantation. Well they certainly did a good job when I needed them 3 years ago 😀

I have heard from elsewhere about this new drug that has become available and have been wondering to myself if maybe I should change from the ursodeoxycholic acid, which I took for many many years before my transplants and have already gone back onto it now. Something to speak to Professor Hirschfield about when I see him at my next clinic appointment I guess.

Record number of organ donors – thank you to all the donors and their families, who have the final decision to make at a very tough time.

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