Saturday 14th to Wednesday 18th April

A sunny Saturday and a trip out to a few shops and then to the garden centre. A couple of new flower pots for my garden were bought!

The horses that I picked for the Grand National didn’t win! ☹️

On Sunday I asked Gary if he would jetwash my patio garden for me. It had got really grubby over the winter and was quite slippy in places. Of course I wanted a go, it was fun!

My sister Lynda and her husband John have just bought a caravan. The most unlikely couple that you would think to do this! They are going to store it at a campsite nearby. I went to visit on Monday as they had pitched it there for a night so that they could have a fiddle about with everything to see how it all worked and try and get used to it a bit. They decided they were going to attempt to put the awning up. They had never done this before and they had no instructions! I was going to make a quick exit but kind of got roped in to help! If only you could have been there … None of us thought it was a windy day until we got this awning half attached to the van. It was flapping about so fiercely, which did not help at all while we were trying to figure out where the poles went. John was not a happy man 🤬🤣 It was very soon packed back into the bag with no success 🤯

After work on Tuesday I went for a nice walk across the fields with a friend. As it was going to be muddy I wore my wellies. The walk was two and a half miles. My toe was SO incredibly painful afterwards. I’ve obviously walked much further than this before, so it wouldn’t have been because of the length of the walk. So I don’t know if walking in my wellies caused the problem 🤔 They don’t usually affect it in this way but I was really suffering 😰

As always, thinking of my dad today. 24 years since he has been with us 😰

When Gary wanted to walk on Wednesday I wasn’t intending on going very far as my toe was still so very painful. I still did two miles though! But it was really very annoying as it was a lovely warm and sunny afternoon 😠 I would have liked to have stayed out so much longer.

Is my appointment with the podiatrist ever going to arrive?

When I saw Lynda on Monday I had given her some of our overripe bananas that no one would eat.

What a nice surprise to find on my doorstep 😀

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