Catch up


Friday 13th July to Friday 3rd August

And the reason why I got behind with my blog and need to do this catch up …

I was lucky enough to go to Cornbury Music Festival for the 3 day weekend, also helping to set up behind the Riverside stage the day before and helping with the takedown on the day after. The hot and sunny weather continued. Late nights and early mornings. Some fun times. Then going straight back to work the next day, you could say I was pretty tired!

Don’t forget to have a look at my pics of Cornbury on my Photos page πŸ“Έ

I had a catch up appointment with Dr Fisher. He had received a letter from my consultant in Birmingham following my clinic appointment there. It was even quite difficult for him to understand! It didn’t really say much about the fluid that was found, just that I will have another scan at my next appointment. And it looks like I am going to be referred to another different specialist to investigate the tiny red spots which I kept getting a few weeks ago, which were itchy and sore, and whether they are to do with the Shingles virus or caused by something else!

On 20th July I was thinking of and missing my mum as always, on what would have been her birthday 😰

There was a day out in Stratford with both Robyn and Leah. We were all not having to go to work on the same day for once, which doesn’t happen very often. We mainly just chilled and did people watching while sitting on our deckchairs on the grass. (Doesn’t look much like grass does it! I think it needs to see a bit of rain!)

Then it was time for another festival, this time Riverside Festival in Charlbury. I helped a very tiny bit with this too. The weather continued to be lovely, hot and sunny up until the weekend of the Festival itself when it decided to become a bit stormy β›ˆ Typical!

A fun job for me during the clear up!

Straight back to work the next day so rather tired again 😴 Then trying to catch up with some normal day to day jobs which have been neglected a bit, there hasn’t really been much spare time or energy for blogging πŸ˜–

And then it was time to start getting things ready for holiday πŸ–

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