Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd September

Saturday was a rainy day 🌧

In the evening it was time to watch another Anthony Joshua boxing match πŸ₯Š !

Sunday evening was spent at the bingo! Something different to do for Hannah’s upcoming birthday. First of all I got told off for talking while the numbers were being called out (I was only trying to find out how the touchpad worked) and then trust me to make an idiot of myself as well and shout out for a false claim! Yes I had two full lines crossed off but they needed to be on the same card, not different ones! It’s not like I’ve never played the game before, I know what you have to do. Dunno what came over me 🀣 I’ll blame it on the touchpad we were using, it did confuse me. Or maybe I’ll just blame it onto brain fog πŸ€ͺ

Anyway, it seems like I got punished for doing that because each one of the four others I was with won some money for getting lines or full houses (Robyn even won just over Β£70, lucky thing πŸ’·) – but not me, I won nothing πŸ™ƒ

I thought I would share with you this interview with Dr James Boyer which I have come across from the American Liver Foundation,Β 50 years of treating PBC.

And for something completely different – The Golden Bridge

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