Will he find the conker?!


Monday 1st to Friday 5th October

National Cake Week (This was founded by Lynn Hill in 2011, with the sole purpose of celebrating and sharing a whole cake together with family and friends.) What a good idea she had! But trust me, usually the biggest lover of cake, to not feel like actually eating any cake until Thursday, when I treated myself to a bit of carrot cake after volunteering. Then Robyn, who had been teasing me all week by sending me pictures every morning of delicious looking cakes, surprised me with actually buying me a piece of carrot cake on Friday! Double yum šŸ˜‹ šŸ˜‹

I’ve just been SO tired at times again. Getting up, ready and out the door for a certain time in the morning, and then walking three quarters of a mile to work is pretty tough going for me sometimes. My body just doesn’t want to do it! And it’s SO frustrating šŸ˜– I have so much that I need and want to do. Usually I fight against myself to keep on going, but just lately sometimes I have no choice but to give in and leave it all. My head and body just won’t seem to work.

Volunteering was a bit tough on the emotions this week ā˜¹ļø As it was another nice day I went for a walk in a local park afterwards to try and help my head a little. I watched this squirrel, collecting his conker, nibbling through the shell until he actually found the conker and then burying it. I was so close to him and he really didn’t seem to mind. It was quite fascinating really. I hope he remembers where he’s buried it and goes back to it before the Spring, when it will start to sprout and it will no longer be good enough for him to eat šŸ˜

Hello Rosie the elephant šŸ˜

I saw you on my journey back from volunteering today šŸš—

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