Recharging crystals


Saturday 20th to Sunday 28th October

Happy Birthday to my biggest brother on the 21st 🍻

Some time off from work this week because of the anaemia.

I definitely DO NOT want to take iron tablets so when I spoke to my doctor he agreed to let me try and get my iron level back up by eating iron rich foods. Robyn was a bit cross that the doctor had agreed to me doing this. She knows me too well … !

Look at my arm after the blood test I mentioned last week that really hurt and came up into a big hard lump. It’s still quite tender to touch too.

I did meet my friend for a cuppa ☕️

When I was very ill in hospital she laid out some crystals for me and also bought me a crystal bracelet.

She had messaged me earlier in the week telling me to place my crystals overnight on a windowsill which catches the moonlight and then wear it on my right side the following day. This was to recharge the crystals and then while I was wearing the bracelet the energy would be transferred to me.

Just what I need 🙂 Any extra energy would be much appreciated.

I thought I’d share this website with you as it seems to have a lot of information about all the different crystals and their meanings. Some of them may work for you.

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