Monday 25th to Thursday 28th February

A dermatology appointment on Monday at the Churchill Hospital. Just too confusing to say what it was all about! 🤯

We still had the unseasonably warm and sunny weather so I took myself off for a nice walk round and about after my appointment so that I could enjoy some of the sunshine.

There was not a cloud to be seen in that beautiful blue sky.

I take many photos, of anything and everything! As you can see on my ‘Friday pic’ page on this blog I chose a ‘favourite or most relevant photo’ during each week of 2018 and I decided that I would make this ‘year of my life in photos’ mosaic in time for the 4th anniversary of my second liver transplant which was on the 27th.

If I’ve worked it out correctly 3,150 photographs make up this pic!

Now to think of something for my next project …

As always Robyn celebrated the day with me 🙂 A birthday card and a very tasty little chocolate cake with candles on for my new liver’s 4th birthday 🎂

Thank you so much to my donors 💗💙 and their families for giving me this extra four years 😀

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