April showers


Monday 1st to Sunday 7th April

April started with a warm and sunny day ⛅️ I pottered in the garden and had a nice little walk.

The very next day it was cold with hail and heavy rain showers!

I had one of my Creme Eggs that Hannah bought for me.

I SO want to find one of the White Cadbury Creme eggs 👀

A couple of my days were spent with a bit of a swollen face, very sore, puffy and watery eyes and a runny nose 🤧☹️

‘As of next year, adults in England will be considered potential donors unless they choose to opt out or are excluded.’

This is something that we probably don’t really think about – how many of these extra organs that will become available are going to be wasted because of lack of capacity in our hospitals? ☹️ Transplant service at ‘breaking point’

And now for some exciting news! I started to make my fairy garden …

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