Not good


Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th February

What a week this was!

I didn’t feel well at times. My car failed it’s MOT 😰

I found out on Friday that I had a kidney infection.

I still wasn’t feeling very well at all over the weekend 🤕

So Saturday teatime was spent curled up on the sofa on my own watching the rugby 🏉

Storm Ciara visited on Sunday. I wish I had been able to go to the coast and watch the sea 🌊 (from a safe distance of course!)

This is the stormy sea in Portreath. When I went there on holiday last Summer it was a little calmer!

Luckily we didn’t get any damage at home from the storm.

But in the evening the pipe under the kitchen sink decided to spring a leak. Definitely not what I needed.

What on earth else is going to go wrong? 🥴

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