Day 1


Tuesday 17th March

As I have had two liver transplants and I take medication every day to suppress my immune system so that my body doesn’t attack and reject my new liver, I am now at even higher risk of severe illness from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

I work on the checkouts in a busy supermarket. Not a great place for me to be right now I would say. I was also under strict instructions from my two daughters last night that I WAS DEFINITELY NOT allowed to go into work today.

So following government advice, today is my first day of social distancing measures.

Since first hearing about this dreaded virus I have been doing my best not to worry and to get on with my normal life. But now things are changing and yes I am scared.

This is going to be a very tough time for me to cope with, my family too and as time goes on I think all the population are going to find things getting even tougher for a while.

As it’s not recommended for me to go out myself to the shops and other public places I cannot offer my services to get people’s shopping or run other errands for them.

So I will try to help anyone that needs it through my blog, by posting information and advice, any tips I see or do myself to keep motivated and hopefully just some light-hearted fun stuff!

Or if you just need someone different to have a little chat with – then contact me 😃

And just to let you know how my very first day is going so far, I made myself a nice mug of tea earlier, sat down to drink it and it was stone cold. It seems I hadn’t even boiled the kettle first!

That might explain to you my state of mind right now 🤯

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